Hi all,

When the day comes that I stop Waggle Duffing, I want to say I left golf in a better place than it found it.

Therefore, 2 exciting announcements from Waggle Duff this week, which I can’t wait to share with you.

In this post, I am going to tell you about The Waggle Foundation and Waggle Glove.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce the launch of Waggle Glove. Waggle Glove is a cabretta leather, premium golf glove which has added breathability. The glove has been designed to give full control of the golf club by its soft nature, give the incredible feel of a cabretta leather glove and yet provide breathability.

This approach will ensure the glove is the same quality as leading cabretta leather gloves, but remains drier and lasts longer.

The Gloves are in production and will be available from 1st October. The price will be £15 each or 2 for £25, no costs for post and packaging. I will be launching the online shop between now and then, however I can take pre-orders now through email or DM on twitter.

Meanwhile, this will not hinder the delivery of Waggle Duff. Waggle Duff will continue to be a not for profit & 100% free to play Fantasy League game. The idea behind the Waggle Glove is to deliver some turnover that will fund The Waggle Duff game. Better prizes, better engagement, more fun.

The second goal for Waggle Glove is to slowly build a pot for the Waggle Foundation.

Again, Waggle Duff will continue to be not-for-profit. Therefore 10% of all profits on Waggle Glove will build a pot that will launch The Waggle Foundation.

Waggle Duff players can submit requests to access for the Waggle Foundation. This could be for anything related to kids’ golf, lessons for a particular group of people, a school engagement project, really anything grassroots golf.

Maybe you have a new junior section that just needs some new kit, or a practise area that could do with a bunker. Whatever it is, The Waggle Foundation has been created to give back to kids and grassroots golf.

I often use the hashtag #GolfCommunity in my Twitter posts. I truly believe Waggle Duff, Glove & Foundation is driving this hashtag forward. Now I know this is really some small steps, but a place to start building a brand that promotes #GolfCommunity and leaves golf in a better place than I found it.

If anyone reads this and wants to reach out to me or ask any questions about Waggle Duff, the Foundation or anything then please do. You can DM me on twitter or email me (matt@waggleduff.com)

I welcome any feedback or ideas!

Matt Tizzard