With a Pinch of Salt

So everybody learns differently. Especially with motor skills and technique based activities like sports. Visual, phonetic and kinesthetic. See it, yell it, do it. In addition to that, some are at a different stages of development to others, beginner through to Tour Player.

The world now has many back garden videos telling you how to get rid of your slice. Coaches filling content while their facility is shut and they aren’t doing daily lessons. SO, here is my angle. It will not always help you, even though it was made with the best intentions. So the best way to use these videos is to keep it at arms length and try it if it feels relevant. Maybe talk to your local pro if they have seen you swing about the topic raised but please please don’t blindly adopt the new technique thinking your golf is cured. Your problems may well come from an entirely different part of the swing.

Any problematic ball flight can be cured in up to 30+ different ways. Generally speaking, none of these 30 methods are wrong. Unless they don’t work for the individual attempting them. My accuracy was at its best after reading “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” which didn’t even touch technique. Focus on the target or result WAY MORE than the bad miss or danger. Simple right?

In my opinion; 10% of videos will help you. Or for me, 10% of the audience will benefit from it. Leaving 90% to simply think I’m naff at fixing a slice (most common video). With that in mind, I will compose content to add “strings to your bow” and allow you to develop your own game with considerate information.

Questions and comments are always welcome and you will never get generic tosh that’s not relevant in response. If you hit it 180 and want to hit it 250, you must understand there’s a lot of work to do from you and it won’t happen overnight.