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PGA Professional Freddie Meikle has worked in the Golf industry for 14 years, predominantly in The UK and also Australia. He is a specialist in golf club performance, funky customisation and club design. You can see some of his projects here or at the bottom of this page!

Freddie is a self proclaimed golf nerd and golf club artist. Technically, he played a major role in establishing the “6 Step Custom Fit Process” used nationwide, and there isn’t many with the knowledge of golf club equipment that Freddie has. He has been kind enough to write articles in 2021 to help WAGGLE DUFF players improve their own game!

If you need to know anything about the swing, equipment or anything Golf, then Freddie is the man to ask. Contact him here

View more of Freddie’s work here, you can contact him on Insta or Twitter to ask about how he can customise, repair or improve the performance of your golf club equipment

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