Waggle Duff is a 100% free to play online Fantasy Golf Game, played through Twitter (@waggleduff) and Instagram (@Waggle_Duff).

You can also submit your team through the website here.

Each week pick 5 players and submit your team to @WaggleDuff with the hashtag #waggle69 or complete the team submission form found at the bottom of this page or here.

You can also enter by commenting on our weekly Instagram post with you team

WAGGLE DUFF is played across many different golf tours and the schedule in found in the menu bar on the webpage

  • Pick 5 players for the tournament selected, the schedule can be found in the menu
  • The first player you tweet will be your “captain” and will gain double points
  • You must pick 2 players that are 50/1 or greater, as per the weekly player list published on

Earn points for your players position daily, with the points system below. There is a special points system for the Match-play, Ryder Cup and points for Majors are doubled.

Scores will be published on and will be accessible through twitter

This is 100% free and for fun, to build an online golf community that enjoys watching top level golf. I hope you enjoy playing!


  • 10 Points – Leader of the tournament at the end of Day 1 – 3
  • 5 Points – 2nd – 10th end of Day 1 – 3
  • 3 Points – 11th – 20th end of Day 1 – 3
  • 2 Points – Your player makes the cut
  • 5 Points – Round of 66 and under
  • 30 Points – All your players make the cut
  • 20 Points – 4 of your 5 players make the cut
  • 10 Points – Your player shoots the lowest round of the week


  • 30pts – 1st
  • 20pts – 2nd
  • 18pts – 3rd
  • 16pts – 4th
  • 14pts – 5th
  • 12pts – 6th
  • 10pts – 7th
  • 9pts – 8th
  • 8pts – 9th
  • 7pts – 10th
  • 6pts – 11th – 20th
  • 5pts – 21th – 30th
  • 4pts – 31st – 40th
  • 2pts – 41st – 50th

Majors are double points and look out for Matchplay/ Local Tour & Ryder Cup specials

Any further questions, you can contact me @Waggle_Duff on twitter or email

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