Golf Is Hard.

Written by PGA Professional Freddie Meikle (@FreddieMeikle) Founder: HOLE SALE GOLF

Let’s not beat about the bush.

Golf is a difficult game.

How do we get the most from a bad day at the office?

When you think you’ve cracked the code and unlocked all the secrets of the game. Reality hits and you’re left licking your wounds.

The fun of the whole operation is in the glimpses of purity. Those few shots that just come off the clubface clean, without resistance and something like you imagined before the shot.

Something has to put a smile on your face out there?


Think Hard

As a Trainee PGA student at Leighton Buzzard Golf Club, the curious question of “How’d you get on” came out often…

I listened to the golfer spill the full download of the bad holes and misfortune that happened during the round just played.

I then asked what their best shot was…

Many club golfers were perplexed and forgetful at the simple task.

The instincts of the human brain find it easier to pick flaws in golf, ahead of relishing in few or many successes.

Positive Reinforcement

Too often we dwell on the bad parts of a game of golf but it is really important to remind yourself of the good stuff just as much, if not more so.

Pick your best shot of the day or the best hole from a round and concentrate on that.

Simple Method

Get a small 3″ notebook and write down good shots? Describe the wind, describe the length of the grass, what t-shirt you had on…every little detail you can think of.

Then you’d have a little book literally telling you how good you can play.

I had a book just like this as a junior and can still remember the first shot I wrote in it – 9 iron in to the 1st at Leighton, soft draw moving towards the pin, treetops were just leaning left in the breeze. I didn’t use a glove and the new grip was slightly wonky looking down at the ball, which irritated me as a 14 year old as much as it would now.

Think Neutral or Positive Only

Make bad shots run neutral in your minds eye, golf is hard after all. You didn’t mess it up on purpose ay.

Make good shots exciting and enjoy them, write them down, replay them to yourself and they might just start visiting you more often.

Your subconscious doesn’t filter the good or bad golf and select what’s best for you the next time you play. It repeats and recalls what you feed it.

What Is Your Next Level?

There are 4 groups of golfer I will refer to and create content for. This is for the benefit of the golfers in that category as well as giving that player an insight to what the next level of their progression may entail. This is why we are all here right? Level up, get better and shoot lower scores. If you play with better golfers, you pick up things they do. This is the same idea, just more specific.

This will be a mix of what players may use, what players may think about and what players do. You want to be a Tour Player? I’ll do my best to give you the vision of what they do so you can knuckle down and emulate the same behaviors. If you’re a complete beginner, no problem, you’ll see the basics of what a club golfer does so again, you can begin to do these same things. Putting you in the shoes of the player you want to be.

The following categories may well be open to interpretation but it does encompass the journey from start to finish. Some will progress within the same category and some will progress to the next. For me, I just hope we are all looking to improve as opposed to doing the same thing every week and expecting new results to happen out of thin air.


We all have to start somewhere right? I see this player as never picked up a club to shooting over 110 on the course. Maybe doesn’t play regularly, takes group lessons. No clubs of your own up to a first set of used clubs or package set.

Club Golfer

Holds a handicap and/or is a member at a club or golfing society. Plays fairly regularly and can get on a golf course without having to go to a shop, essentials like golf balls etc all thought of. Can shoot under 100 but not always, down to a 6 handicap club golfer.

Elite Golfer

I see this category from a 5 handicap to something like a player on the EuroPro Tour, Including a PGA Professional such as myself. This player may be capable of shooting under par on their home course and away but is not subject to the pressure and conditions set up on the main tours.

I’ve seen some splendid amateurs shoot very low scores and hit the ball like a Tour Player would. It’s a different story doing it 4 days in a row, week in week out.

Tour Player

This player has something called a Tour Card, earned by qualifying and maintained to that standard

Seniors Tour, Ladies European Tour, European Tour and PGA Tour.

Once upon a time I read a European Tour Player maintaining a Tour Card has to be winning +/- €330’000 per year just to keep that card. This will fluctuate every year but that is not an easy task.

It is my opinion, that the gap from 28 handicap to 0 handicap (scratch) is the same as 0 handicap to Tour Player. This is no small task but anyone with the dedication, resources and mind set can get there. No one is qualified to tell you something’s not possible. Target setting does however have to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.

Go forth and conquer.

With a Pinch of Salt

So everybody learns differently. Especially with motor skills and technique based activities like sports. Visual, phonetic and kinesthetic. See it, yell it, do it. In addition to that, some are at a different stages of development to others, beginner through to Tour Player.

The world now has many back garden videos telling you how to get rid of your slice. Coaches filling content while their facility is shut and they aren’t doing daily lessons. SO, here is my angle. It will not always help you, even though it was made with the best intentions. So the best way to use these videos is to keep it at arms length and try it if it feels relevant. Maybe talk to your local pro if they have seen you swing about the topic raised but please please don’t blindly adopt the new technique thinking your golf is cured. Your problems may well come from an entirely different part of the swing.

Any problematic ball flight can be cured in up to 30+ different ways. Generally speaking, none of these 30 methods are wrong. Unless they don’t work for the individual attempting them. My accuracy was at its best after reading “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” which didn’t even touch technique. Focus on the target or result WAY MORE than the bad miss or danger. Simple right?

In my opinion; 10% of videos will help you. Or for me, 10% of the audience will benefit from it. Leaving 90% to simply think I’m naff at fixing a slice (most common video). With that in mind, I will compose content to add “strings to your bow” and allow you to develop your own game with considerate information.

Questions and comments are always welcome and you will never get generic tosh that’s not relevant in response. If you hit it 180 and want to hit it 250, you must understand there’s a lot of work to do from you and it won’t happen overnight.


Hi all

The first season of WAGGLE DUFF will be running from the Sony Open in Hawaii, on the 14th January 2021, and ends with The PLAYERS Championships, ending 14th March 2021. You can see a full WAGGLE DUFF Schedule here.

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Getting to know PGA Professsional Freddie Meikle!…

How did you start playing golf? and how would you advise someone to take up the game?

For me, it was my Dad that played years before I was born. His Grandad got him in to it by swinging broomsticks in the garden and that connection with the game transferred down to me. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Mum played because of Dad, I always had a set of clubs ready to go and play but it wasn’t until I was 12 or so that it was regularly a thing. Mum was Lady Captain at Wavendon Golf club and this granted her the use of a buggy which perked my interest. Never actually used it but I was hooked.


The way I would suggest to start would be to get down to Top Golf in Watford, Surrey or Chigwell for example. for detsils.

Get any curious non-golfers to go to one of these destinations, normally it’s a turn up and wait type deal but many have compared it to going bowling for those that have not played golf, ideal. Clubs are provided and cater for most. Longer clubs are for longer shots and shorter clubs for shorter shots.

Also check out this link;


Hi all

Hope you’re keeping well, despite all the doom and gloom here in Tier 4!

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that has supported Waggle Duff. From starting a twitter page in October 2020 with an idea to play a game with friends, we have had 50 unique players, 7 different winners and a whole lot of banter on Twitter!

Next year I really want to improve the game, therefore I have made 3 new rule changes. This was done by speaking to a few Waggle Duff regulars and introducing some new rules that I believe will enhance the game.



  1. Your first picked player, will now be your captain, this player will score double points
  2. You must now pick 2 players that are outside of 50/1 (as per SkyBet odds)
  3. If 4 of your 5 players make the cut, you will score a bonus 20 points


The annual leaderboard will be replaced with seasons, there will be prizes for end of each season winner. Watch this space!

  • Season 1: Ending with The PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP (PGA Tour) |14th March 2021
  • Season 2: Ending with The US OPEN (MAJOR) | 20th June 2021
  • Season 3: Ending with THE BMW PGA CHAMPIONSHIP (European Tour ) | 12th September 2020
  • RYDER CUP SPECIAL WAGGLE DUFF EVENT | 24th – 26th September 2021
  • Season 4: Ending with The DP WORLD TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP (European Tour)


You may have noticed this month some changes to the Waggle Duff website, the domain is now and there are some new menu options on the top bar, with the Fantasy menu on the right hand side (bottom of page if on tablet or mobile device).

I want to offer more value to WAGGLE DUFF players, therefore a new Waggle Duff Podcast will be launched in January with PGA professional FREDDIE MEIKLE (@holesalegolf). The podcast will cover the WAGGLE DUFF events but cover many other golfing topics! If there is anything technical you would like Freddie to cover in the podcast, please message us on Twitter here or email This could be clubs, balls, swings – anything!

Also, WAGGLE DUFF will be teaming up with PGA Tour Tipster Mark Diana (@GolfBets101), who will be bringing you previews and tips ahead of PGA Tour WAGGLE DUFF events. Mark is a finance student and offers a data driven approach to the Golfing markets. I am sure he will dip in and out of the WAGGLE POD also!

I personally am really excited about these 2 announcements and more information about this to come.

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Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!