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After a week off, the league table is now up to date following The Open. Well done to Werzal Gummage. Your prize is in manufacturing!

A special 3 day Waggle Duff this week. We are covering The Euro Pro Tour, which is in Sussex for the PDC Championship. The rules are the same just a selection of up and coming talent rather than the house hold names.

You can track the event that starts Wednesday 28th July @ 7am on this link –

Jack Hawksby who is playing this week in The PDC Championship will be joining me on The Waggle Duff Podcast , please listen out for that (it’s like it was almost planned)!

Player list below, deadline is Midnight Tuesday 27th August. Enjoy and thanks for playing!



Tweet a team of 5 to @WAGGLEDUFF on Twitter from the list below or complete the team submission form at the bottom of the page.

⛳Your first pick is your captain

⛳2 picks must be 50/1 or over

Use the hashtag #WaggleDuff

Then don’t do anything else. Sit back and enjoy the golf. is updated after each round, letting you know where you stand in the weekly table.

Please note, entries close after the first tee shot is hit!

Jamie Rutherford20/1
John Parry20/1
Curtis Knipes25/1
Jack Floydd28/1
Oliver Farrell28/1
Sam Broadhurst28/1
Calum Fyfe30/1
Will Enefer30/1
Mitch Waite33/1
David Wicks35/1
Jack Yule35/1
Jeff Wright35/1
Joe Dean35/1
Taylor Carter35/1
Tom Sloman35/1
Chris Cannon45/1
Daniel A Brown45/1
Gian-Marco Petrozzi45/1
Jack Harrison45/1
James Frazer45/1
Luke Joy45/1
Mark Young45/1
Nick Marsh45/1
William Harrold45/1
Bradley Bawden50/1
Luke Cornford50/1
Callum Farr55/1
Chris Lloyd55/1
David Langley55/1
Jack Davidson55/1
Josh Hilleard55/1
Joshua Grenville-Wood55/1
Kieran Cantley55/1
Matthew Nixon55/1
Nicholas Poppleton55/1
Ben Jones66/1
Dongwon Kim66/1
Jamie Abbott66/1
Paul Maddy66/1
Sam Locke66/1
Brandon Robinson-Thompson70/1
George Bloor70/1
Harry Goddard70/1
Jack McDonald70/1
Joe Brooks70/1
Sean Towndrow70/1
Bailey Gill80/1
Ben Amor80/1
Brendan McCarroll80/1
Charlie Strickland80/1
Chris Maclean80/1
Daniel O’Loughlin80/1
Greg Dalziel80/1
Robin Williams80/1
Adam Chapman90/1
Jack Hawksby90/1
James Allan90/1
Jordan Godwin90/1
Nick Cunningham90/1
Robbie Busher90/1
Ryan Harmer90/1
Ashton Turner100/1
Conor White100/1
Stephen Shephard100/1
Ben Ferguson110/1
James Adams110/1
James Ross110/1
Sam Connor110/1
Sean Lawrie110/1
Conor O’Neil125/1
Daniel Brennan125/1
Darren Walkley125/1
Eoin Leonard125/1
Harry Konig125/1
Jack Gaunt125/1
Jack South125/1
Jamie Dick125/1
Neil Fenwick125/1
Nick Watson125/1
Rhys Thompson125/1
Robert Burlison125/1
Thomas Thurloway125/1
Ben Robinson150/1
Chris Jess150/1
Craig Lawrie150/1
Daniel Kay150/1
Hugo Dobson150/1
Jacob Oakley150/1
James Johnston150/1
John Henry150/1
Joshua McMahon150/1
Liam Murray150/1
Liam O’Neill150/1
Max Penney150/1
Michael Bullen150/1
Michael Stewart150/1
Robbie Morrison150/1
Rodi Vlasveld150/1
Ronan Mullarney150/1
Ross Cameron150/1
Sam Crowther150/1
Sam Done150/1
Thomas Plumb150/1
Tim Rice150/1
Tom Shadbolt150/1
Cameron Phillips175/1
Jack Charman175/1
Jack Doherty175/1
Jake Ayres175/1
Billy Spooner200/1
George Goddard200/1
Joe Brice200/1
Max Smith200/1
Nathan Longley200/1
Sam Rook200/1
Shergo Al Kurdi200/1
Stuart McLaren200/1
Thomas Higson200/1
Anthony McDonald250/1
Billy Mckenzie250/1
David Houlding250/1
James Browne250/1
James Newton250/1
Sam Sloman250/1
Stuart Grehan250/1
Will Percival250/1
George Mullins300/1
Jack Slater300/1
Jake Hapgood300/1
James Cooper300/1
James Robinson300/1
James Rooney300/1
Jamie Wood300/1
Leon Fricker300/1
Lucas Stewart300/1
Robert Harrhy300/1
Rory Smith300/1
Russell Chrystie300/1
Sam De’Ath300/1
Timothy Ford300/1
George Raitt400/1
Joe Bannan400/1
Alex Allbut500/1
John Hickey500/1
Louis Tydeman500/1
Paul Dunton500/1

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