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After a week off, the league table is now up to date following The Open. Well done to Werzal Gummage. Your prize is in manufacturing!

A special 3 day Waggle Duff this week. We are covering The Euro Pro Tour, which is in Sussex for the PDC Championship. The rules are the same just a selection of up and coming talent rather than the house hold names.

You can track the event that starts Wednesday 28th July @ 7am on this link –

Jack Hawksby who is playing this week in The PDC Championship will be joining me on The Waggle Duff Podcast , please listen out for that (it’s like it was almost planned)!

Player list below, deadline is Midnight Tuesday 27th August. Enjoy and thanks for playing!



Tweet a team of 5 to @WAGGLEDUFF on Twitter from the list below or complete the team submission form at the bottom of the page.

Your first pick is your captain

2 picks must be 50/1 or over

Use the hashtag #waggle69

Then don’t do anything else. Sit back, enjoy the golf and wait for a notification on Twitter, letting you know when the points and tables are updated

Please note, that entries close after the first tee shot is hit! If a player of yours withdraws, you can swap that player for another. Providing the new player has not started his/her first round

Jamie Rutherford20/1
John Parry20/1
Curtis Knipes25/1
Jack Floydd28/1
Oliver Farrell28/1
Sam Broadhurst28/1
Calum Fyfe30/1
Will Enefer30/1
Mitch Waite33/1
David Wicks35/1
Jack Yule35/1
Jeff Wright35/1
Joe Dean35/1
Taylor Carter35/1
Tom Sloman35/1
Chris Cannon45/1
Daniel A Brown45/1
Gian-Marco Petrozzi45/1
Jack Harrison45/1
James Frazer45/1
Luke Joy45/1
Mark Young45/1
Nick Marsh45/1
William Harrold45/1
Bradley Bawden50/1
Luke Cornford50/1
Callum Farr55/1
Chris Lloyd55/1
David Langley55/1
Jack Davidson55/1
Josh Hilleard55/1
Joshua Grenville-Wood55/1
Kieran Cantley55/1
Matthew Nixon55/1
Nicholas Poppleton55/1
Ben Jones66/1
Dongwon Kim66/1
Jamie Abbott66/1
Paul Maddy66/1
Sam Locke66/1
Brandon Robinson-Thompson70/1
George Bloor70/1
Harry Goddard70/1
Jack McDonald70/1
Joe Brooks70/1
Sean Towndrow70/1
Bailey Gill80/1
Ben Amor80/1
Brendan McCarroll80/1
Charlie Strickland80/1
Chris Maclean80/1
Daniel O’Loughlin80/1
Greg Dalziel80/1
Robin Williams80/1
Adam Chapman90/1
Jack Hawksby90/1
James Allan90/1
Jordan Godwin90/1
Nick Cunningham90/1
Robbie Busher90/1
Ryan Harmer90/1
Ashton Turner100/1
Conor White100/1
Stephen Shephard100/1
Ben Ferguson110/1
James Adams110/1
James Ross110/1
Sam Connor110/1
Sean Lawrie110/1
Conor O’Neil125/1
Daniel Brennan125/1
Darren Walkley125/1
Eoin Leonard125/1
Harry Konig125/1
Jack Gaunt125/1
Jack South125/1
Jamie Dick125/1
Neil Fenwick125/1
Nick Watson125/1
Rhys Thompson125/1
Robert Burlison125/1
Thomas Thurloway125/1
Ben Robinson150/1
Chris Jess150/1
Craig Lawrie150/1
Daniel Kay150/1
Hugo Dobson150/1
Jacob Oakley150/1
James Johnston150/1
John Henry150/1
Joshua McMahon150/1
Liam Murray150/1
Liam O’Neill150/1
Max Penney150/1
Michael Bullen150/1
Michael Stewart150/1
Robbie Morrison150/1
Rodi Vlasveld150/1
Ronan Mullarney150/1
Ross Cameron150/1
Sam Crowther150/1
Sam Done150/1
Thomas Plumb150/1
Tim Rice150/1
Tom Shadbolt150/1
Cameron Phillips175/1
Jack Charman175/1
Jack Doherty175/1
Jake Ayres175/1
Billy Spooner200/1
George Goddard200/1
Joe Brice200/1
Max Smith200/1
Nathan Longley200/1
Sam Rook200/1
Shergo Al Kurdi200/1
Stuart McLaren200/1
Thomas Higson200/1
Anthony McDonald250/1
Billy Mckenzie250/1
David Houlding250/1
James Browne250/1
James Newton250/1
Sam Sloman250/1
Stuart Grehan250/1
Will Percival250/1
George Mullins300/1
Jack Slater300/1
Jake Hapgood300/1
James Cooper300/1
James Robinson300/1
James Rooney300/1
Jamie Wood300/1
Leon Fricker300/1
Lucas Stewart300/1
Robert Harrhy300/1
Rory Smith300/1
Russell Chrystie300/1
Sam De’Ath300/1
Timothy Ford300/1
George Raitt400/1
Joe Bannan400/1
Alex Allbut500/1
John Hickey500/1
Louis Tydeman500/1
Paul Dunton500/1

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