Golf Is Hard.

Written by PGA Professional Freddie Meikle (@FreddieMeikle) Founder: HOLE SALE GOLF

Let’s not beat about the bush.

Golf is a difficult game.

How do we get the most from a bad day at the office?

When you think you’ve cracked the code and unlocked all the secrets of the game. Reality hits and you’re left licking your wounds.

The fun of the whole operation is in the glimpses of purity. Those few shots that just come off the clubface clean, without resistance and something like you imagined before the shot.

Something has to put a smile on your face out there?


Think Hard

As a Trainee PGA student at Leighton Buzzard Golf Club, the curious question of “How’d you get on” came out often…

I listened to the golfer spill the full download of the bad holes and misfortune that happened during the round just played.

I then asked what their best shot was…

Many club golfers were perplexed and forgetful at the simple task.

The instincts of the human brain find it easier to pick flaws in golf, ahead of relishing in few or many successes.

Positive Reinforcement

Too often we dwell on the bad parts of a game of golf but it is really important to remind yourself of the good stuff just as much, if not more so.

Pick your best shot of the day or the best hole from a round and concentrate on that.

Simple Method

Get a small 3″ notebook and write down good shots? Describe the wind, describe the length of the grass, what t-shirt you had on…every little detail you can think of.

Then you’d have a little book literally telling you how good you can play.

I had a book just like this as a junior and can still remember the first shot I wrote in it – 9 iron in to the 1st at Leighton, soft draw moving towards the pin, treetops were just leaning left in the breeze. I didn’t use a glove and the new grip was slightly wonky looking down at the ball, which irritated me as a 14 year old as much as it would now.

Think Neutral or Positive Only

Make bad shots run neutral in your minds eye, golf is hard after all. You didn’t mess it up on purpose ay.

Make good shots exciting and enjoy them, write them down, replay them to yourself and they might just start visiting you more often.

Your subconscious doesn’t filter the good or bad golf and select what’s best for you the next time you play. It repeats and recalls what you feed it.

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