What Is Your Next Level?

There are 4 groups of golfer I will refer to and create content for. This is for the benefit of the golfers in that category as well as giving that player an insight to what the next level of their progression may entail. This is why we are all here right? Level up, get better and shoot lower scores. If you play with better golfers, you pick up things they do. This is the same idea, just more specific.

This will be a mix of what players may use, what players may think about and what players do. You want to be a Tour Player? I’ll do my best to give you the vision of what they do so you can knuckle down and emulate the same behaviors. If you’re a complete beginner, no problem, you’ll see the basics of what a club golfer does so again, you can begin to do these same things. Putting you in the shoes of the player you want to be.

The following categories may well be open to interpretation but it does encompass the journey from start to finish. Some will progress within the same category and some will progress to the next. For me, I just hope we are all looking to improve as opposed to doing the same thing every week and expecting new results to happen out of thin air.


We all have to start somewhere right? I see this player as never picked up a club to shooting over 110 on the course. Maybe doesn’t play regularly, takes group lessons. No clubs of your own up to a first set of used clubs or package set.

Club Golfer

Holds a handicap and/or is a member at a club or golfing society. Plays fairly regularly and can get on a golf course without having to go to a shop, essentials like golf balls etc all thought of. Can shoot under 100 but not always, down to a 6 handicap club golfer.

Elite Golfer

I see this category from a 5 handicap to something like a player on the EuroPro Tour, Including a PGA Professional such as myself. This player may be capable of shooting under par on their home course and away but is not subject to the pressure and conditions set up on the main tours.

I’ve seen some splendid amateurs shoot very low scores and hit the ball like a Tour Player would. It’s a different story doing it 4 days in a row, week in week out.

Tour Player

This player has something called a Tour Card, earned by qualifying and maintained to that standard

Seniors Tour, Ladies European Tour, European Tour and PGA Tour.

Once upon a time I read a European Tour Player maintaining a Tour Card has to be winning +/- €330’000 per year just to keep that card. This will fluctuate every year but that is not an easy task.

It is my opinion, that the gap from 28 handicap to 0 handicap (scratch) is the same as 0 handicap to Tour Player. This is no small task but anyone with the dedication, resources and mind set can get there. No one is qualified to tell you something’s not possible. Target setting does however have to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.

Go forth and conquer.

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