5 Tips when picking your FANTASY GOLF TEAM!

5 tips to picking a winning fantasy golf team.

Picking a WAGGLE DUFF team or any Fantasy sports team can be tricky, there will be some events where all the big guns aren’t playing or a top player maybe out of form.

What do you do? Follow these 5 quick tips, and you will consistently be pushing towards the top of the Fantasy Golf Leaderboard.

1. Previous Winners

Some players just love particular courses and have a good record to follow; Wikipedia is always a good place to start with seeking previous winners. They have most European and PGA Tour events as a page. Within that page is a list of recent winners and runners up. For example, our first event is the Sony OPEN -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Open_in_Hawaii

2. Current Form

A lot of the Tour players fall in and out of form a number of times across a golfing season, catching ab Aaron Rai during his 3-week blitz or Jordan Spieth when he finally returns to the top of a leaderboard is an essential knack to master. Fortunately, spotting good form is easier than licking your finger and placing it up in the air. I recommend you check out the guys at Golf Betting System (https://www.golfbettingsystem.co.uk/sentry-form-stats-2021/).

They offer more data than you could shake a stick/ club at. Like WAGGLE DUFF they run a podcast, which is also worth a listen. It boasts a great deal of in-depth analysis before a Tour event that Steve, Barry & Paul give, they also clarify with the listeners their reasons and statistical rationale.

3. Similar Courses

Ok, a little more complex this one, but worth knowing. Some players are particularly good on certain courses, like a Links or a Parkland course. Other players just suit certain courses or conditions.  I wrote an article last month, outlining 10 players to look out for in 2021 on the European Tour.

I discussed Adrian Otaegui, a player that can shoot the 63, 62, 61 gross. He is one of the players on tour who can go real low when he is on song. Therefore, he will suit a Links on a still, summer day or a Portugal Masters type competition where the scoring is traditionally low.

Identifying players that suit certain types of courses is a powerful tool in the arsenal of fantasy picking. However, this is harder information to come by, listen out to @golfbets101 on the Waggle Duff Podcast or follow his blog on the website, as he explains how he uses this data, and where he obtains it.

4. Make use of the Tipsters

Which leads us on nicely to No. 4. There are people out there, that study the 3 factors listed above (plus hundreds more!). Many of these guys will post tips on social media or have a blog you can follow, it’s worth keeping track and seeing if your onto a winning tipster.

WAGGLE DUFF fortunately works with PGA Tour tipster Mark Diana, whom you can use for insights into the betting market and to build your WAGGLE DUFF team. Find out more on the link  -> (https://waggleduff.com/betting-tipping/)

5. Check out WAGGLE DUFF’s recent teams!

We run a community of Golf watchers, players and twitterers! Each week you can see the winning teams and who picked which player. Make notes of who is performing well and if they have any common themes or certain picks that rack up the points. Don’t hesitate to jump on their bandwagon! However, remember that 2 of your picks must be outside 50/1 on SKYBET!

By following these 5 tips, you could be a Fantasy Golf winner, the new season starts next week! Best of luck and enjoy the golfing year!

Matt Tizzard




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