Getting to know PGA Professsional Freddie Meikle!…

How did you start playing golf? and how would you advise someone to take up the game?

For me, it was my Dad that played years before I was born. His Grandad got him in to it by swinging broomsticks in the garden and that connection with the game transferred down to me. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Mum played because of Dad, I always had a set of clubs ready to go and play but it wasn’t until I was 12 or so that it was regularly a thing. Mum was Lady Captain at Wavendon Golf club and this granted her the use of a buggy which perked my interest. Never actually used it but I was hooked.


The way I would suggest to start would be to get down to Top Golf in Watford, Surrey or Chigwell for example. for detsils.

Get any curious non-golfers to go to one of these destinations, normally it’s a turn up and wait type deal but many have compared it to going bowling for those that have not played golf, ideal. Clubs are provided and cater for most. Longer clubs are for longer shots and shorter clubs for shorter shots.

Also check out this link;

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